Preserving the last herbs of summer or those that are wilting in your fridge

This year is the first summer that I have grown herbs myself. I had imagined wild-growing pots full of herbs all season long. Rookie mistake, obviously. It took some (organic) repellant, loads of patience and watering before it all set off to grow.
It wasn’t until end of August before my efforts and wishful thinking really started to pay off. All of a sudden there was an abundance of mint, chives, thyme and sage on our balcony (as well as tomatoes (!)), and surprisingly enough – it all kept growing.
Considering my grown attachment to these plants, I am super happy to safe whatever is still green before the fall-cold will dry them out.
I have tried different techniques to preserve herbs (such as drying and flavoring oil), but have found this method of freezing these small ‘disks’ the easiest, as the portions are already measured out and it is super easy to throw into a pan as basis for some fried onions or bolognese sauce for example.

This is not as much as a recipe but more a handy guideline (there are loads of variations online, including the ‘ice cube’ method which I found a little messy and too small portioned – plus, who wants their ice-cube-molds to inherently smell and taste like herbed olive oil?)

To a super-tasty autumn! 🙂

Preserving herbs – for winter – or in case you have some wilting in your fridge


  • two big handfuls of herbs, I used a mixture of chives, mint (!), oregano, thyme and sage, but you can use any kind of herb you like
  • 300 milliliters of olive oil


  1. Clean and dry the herbs thoroughly before chopping them finely.
  2. Place around 1 to 2 tablespoons of the chopped herbs into muffin forms. At this stage I have place the muffin papers into a muffin tray to make sure that nothing would collapse or overflow, but you could also place your muffin forms on a tray to place into the freezer.
  3. Pour olive oil over the herbs until they are fully covered.
  4. Let the herbs-olive oil form in the freezer until firm (this took around 3 hours in my case) and then transfer into a bag to protect them in the freezer). You can use these olive oil-herb nuggets as a basis for fried mushrooms, bolognese sauce or fried chicken (to name a few).