Garlic Soup

Garlic Soup - Tuks Kitchen

Garlic Soup – Tuks Kitchen

I know that the combination of all previous posts is more or less a strange hodgepodge (cough: Kimchi, Braised Celery and loads of cake).
And before you run away: I have an explanation. I didnt’ necessarily expect it, but amid the wedding preparation (sorry to say this, I admit this sounds obnoxious), we have actually been staying in a bit while doing stuff like placing orders online together and testing cake recipes.
Which is awesome, one because it is some quiet before the storm but also because it gives the luxury of being able to eat whatever we want (read: large amounts of garlic). 

Having said that, I am extremely happy to eat all this stuff with Anton as it is truly good. However, I wouldn’t dare eat this on a first date (or on the 10th  to be honest). Which, again is actually a really nice thought while we are approaching our wedding date. 

Whether you are with someone to eat garlic with or not, I suggest is that you eat this soup in a soft pyjama out of a bowl in front of the telly. Accompanied by a plate of wonderful sliced cured meats and cheese (detoxing is for tomorrow).

Enjoy! 🙂

This garlic soup is roughly inspired by the Spanish ‘Sopa di Ajo’, and based on Jamie Oliver’s recipe.
I omitted the almonds as the soup is quite rich on its own already, but feel free to add these back in again. Just make sure your blender is strong enough to blend them into the soup. This recipe serves 4 (generous) portions. View Full Post