Happy Friday!

Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? I suppose it is the last stretch of winter that is getting to me a bit. Bicycle lanes were icy this week, there were buckets of rain and my cycle-commute was everything but glamorous (although, question is when it ever is of course).
This weekend, we are driving south to spend time with friends and I’m looking forward to wind down and relax.

Before signing off, I am happy to share the links that made me smile this week.

Yesterday I published a post on all tips & recommendations on getting married in Frankfurt (or Germany in general). I thoroughly enjoyed going through all photos of our wedding. Thinking of all the memories we made together with our closest family and friends makes me incredibly happy. And again (forever) credit to the most wonderful bridesmades who let me drink coffee and pretend it was just another day. 🙂

These kitchen hacks are good!

And this honest post on how to read more books is so endearing (and relatable).

I’m not one to exercise every day, but this article got me at “I’m not a professional athlete/superhuman. I’m a regular human who wants to live a good life“.

This chocolate-fudge bundt cake looks delicious!

And this banana cake with dulce de leche sounds divine. I’m plotting to try this recipe for my father and am considering how much more dulce de leche I can add. If you’re looking for a way to make your own dulce de leche, you can find it here.

Talking coffee, this mocha-chocolate mousse sounds delicious!

I’m looking forward to start a new project in the kitchen, and this home-made chorizo (!) is high on my list.

And talking about my cycling commute, I love listening to podcasts (recommendations here) and I after reading all the positive reviews, I am excited to start listening to this one: Pod Save America.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday

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Hello, how are you doing? How is your Friday? I am finishing up a hard week full of work and I am happy to indulge in a weekend full of reading, coffees and taking it slow. I would secretly (or not so secretly) love to start a two-person book club, and how cozy does this sound?

Below I am sharing some of the links I truly loved reading this week, hope you like them too.

How cool is it to design your resume like this? How many of you have done something like this? I am tempted but also feel verrrry conservative.

And the opposite of daydreaming of a shiny resume, what about retiring before your thirties?

How little things make up the big part of life, a good read to remind one self of what’s important.

And talking about important things, how beautiful are these Winnie de Pooh quotes? “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

My secret wish to be a little more stoic… Especially the suggestion to ask yourself ‘what would Batman do’ seems brilliant.

And how amazing does this Lumberjack Cake look?

In case you are looking for some breathtaking videos, go and check out Sweetambs. I am not kidding, you might be stuck watching videos until you collapse. Yesterday evening I went ahead and tried to make these Latte Art Cookies, and I can’t believe how much fun I had with it. Tonight we are bringing a plate of them to friends and I’m hoping to tuck in. 😉

These weeks we are eating loads of roasted vegetables combined with grains, such as millet. This recipe of farro with mushrooms sounds really good!
These Kofta Meatballs sounds incredibly tasty and would make a wonderful addition.

And in case you hoping to see some recipes, I’ll soon be back with mascarpone buttercream, Russian pastries called ‘Kartoshka’ and this Tiramisu Cake

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Sunday

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Oh hello, how are you doing? How is your weekend?
I’m basking in an easy-going weekend including time with friends but also loads of time to read and study – which feels perfect. At the moment I am roasting loads of vegetables in the oven for the week ahead, largely inspired by this genius cooking system to eat well all week long.
In addition, I have made a cheese platter (in case taking the rinds off and arranging on a pretty plate counts as ‘making’), mayonnaise and roasted garlic butter. This means that there will be very little cooking in after work this week, and that dinner will be a simple assembly of said things with maybe a simple salad.

Below I am sharing the links that made me smile this week. 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday!

What is your super power? I read! And loads of it. 😉
This idea of having only five email folders to organize all of your inbox is really amazing and I am considering to apply it to my work account.
And talking work, this article suggest different music to increase focus and productivity, I am loving it already.

I am always happy to hear about new podcast suggestions (currently I am cathing up on ‘How I built this‘), and am excited about these recommendations.

This idea to bake chocolate chip cookies in a muffin pan is brilliant. Can’t wait to try this out with my recipe.

And this hippy banana bread sounds amazing. And talking loafs: this wild rice and carrot version looks amazing and I’m really curious about it.

Same goes for this raisin bread (that promises to be half raisins, half flour (!)).

And wow, this tip to add meringue powder to your macaron batter is insanely smart. I’ve ordered some right away to try it out. I’m embarrassed to admit that macarons tend to fail on me, even after finding a really good recipe and technique.

Not sure about you, but I consider eating meatballs at the Ikea the highlight of going there in the first place. Curious whether I can actually manage to make them at home?!

I’ve never made cupcakes before, but these (chocolate – peanutbutter – more chocolate) look pretty spectecular and I’m wondering whether I shall try. 🙂
Usually I am having some sort of oatmeal bars in the fridge to make sure I can grab something easy for breakfast (often based on this recipe minus all the honey), but I am always on the lookout for new variations and this one sounds pretty tasty.

A new year!

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Oh hello, how are you doing? I’m snuggling up inside as it is COLD outside here in Frankfurt (I know I am a bit of a sea-climate wimp, but really the temperature makes one’s face hurt!). Having said that, I am fully enjoying taking things slow, drinking coffee and reading books.
I’ve started reading the Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime, and I find it a really enjoyable easy read.

Other than that, I am embracing all the thoughts and ideas that come with the start of a new year.
Not only do I want to cook more easy and quick things (such as this lentil stew), I have also added think days to my list. And to be honest, I feel like today already counts like one.

This article on making friends as a grown-up really struck a chord with me. My intent for this winter months is to connect more to Frankfurt and its community. And it is so good to remember that all friendships, even those that feel like they were always there, started with an awkward coffee.

Also this idea to turn your favorite quote into wall-art is just wonderful and so simple! Nothing super original, but it is so good to remember that joy is really in small things. And talking more of this visual inspiration, what about these gorgeous wallpapers, these photos of 2016 or this video on how marbled paper is made?
And after seeing Deb Perelman make Irish Cream, all of a sudden these bars seem not such a bad idea as well. Apparently, I’m drawn to the idea of bake & slice bars as I immediately saved these ones to my list of things to cook in the near future.

Even though I have never seen this in Frankfurt, apparently I am missing out on this enticing German Chocolate Cake (!).
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Hello, how is your week? I saw a meme online that said: ‘that space between Christmas and New Years where you don’t know what day it is, who you are or what you’re supposed to be doing’. Even though I’m going to work this week, I feel like I’m right there.
In many ways it gives me space to think about what I would like to do differently in 2017. I am planning to make a happiness project for 2017, inspired by Happier, one of my favorite podcasts. My goal for January is to make cooking a slow event and less of a chore (I’m looking guilty here). Plus, eating more breakfast for dinner to have more free time.

Looking back at 2016, I am incredibly happy that I started this Happy Friday series. It might not be perfect (neither am I), but I truly enjoy listing my favorite links and articles online. In addition: I really cooked wayyyy beyond my comfort zone (hello, wedding cake!) and I couldn’t be more proud. In below gif (!), I added my absolute favorites: Lomo, Duck Ham, Wedding Cake, Sprinkle Cake, Confetti Cookies, Macarons, Chocolate-Chip Cookies, Chocolate-Coffee Cups, Peanut-Butter Cups, Caramelized Macademia Nuts, Ginger-Salted CaramelsCarrot Cake, Geode Cake, Deviled Eggs with Caviar and Macaron Cake.

Other than that I came across the following reads that I thought were wonderful to close off this year.

Stop spending so much time in your head. The argument to live in the here and now. Ted Radio Hour had a wonderful episode touching upon the same reasoning on how to be simply happier.

I am a huge fan of productivity books and techniques, and – of course – also enjoyed this read. Since I installed the Get Focused app, I’m a huge fan of the pomodoro technique.

And an old read to remind ourselves that some things need to be enjoyed slowly and that things sometimes really come with spending time.

Wishing you a wonderful 2017.