Sprinkle Layer Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

Photo 03-05-16 19 24 53I am seeing SO, SO MANY layer cakes around the web! I know, I know, it is most likely that they have always been there and that I simply have a tunnel vision that is either focused on quiches (hello 2015 :)) or cakes & cookies (yup, that one is pretty constant).

What I love is that the possibilities to decorate a cake seem pretty endless. That is, of course, after you master your nerves and get over the fear of actually building a layer cake (can you see it on my face? ;)). I can proudly tell you that I did the latter and produced multiple layer cakes (one of which our wedding cake(!)).

While preparing our wedding cake, I had difficulties to estimate how much cake we would need, and I had difficulties to let go of the idea of sprinkles and chocolate frosting.
I decided to make one extra and cheekily call it ‘kid’s cake’. I figured that, (i) if any kids would be happy enough to tag along, they would be pretty psyched with a sprinkle cake and (ii) I don’t know any adult who wouldn’t be digging away in this (including yours truly).

I have had a huge amount of fun making and decorating this cake and can only recommend you to do the same. Happy weekend!Photo03-05-16173820 View Full Post