Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

il_570xN.900298903_g8ya Even though I don’t have a neatly written New Year’s resolution, I do feel like there is this great joy of having a clean slate and the ability to pick up new habits. When I read this article about letting go of commitments and mental clutter it made me laugh out loud and, at the same time, it felt painfully close to home.
I would be happy to make it a 2016 goal to care less and enjoy more. Part of that is probably admitting that we all have strange habits.
So in a very 2016-liberating way I am say
ing out loud that I am scrubbing my bum with old coffee grounds.
And making this scrub resonates very much with something that I am trying to achieve for years already, namely to actively relax more instead of always running around. Doing a weekly scrub (hopefully accompanied by a splash in the bath tub) sounds like a great start to that.

A couple of notes to this scrub: it will not make the prettiest gift (in that case I’d rather advise you to make this one) and you will have to rinse your shower cabin extra afterwards.

Having said that: this is a great product (some even claim that you end up all perky due to the caffeine in the used coffee grounds, how promising is that!) that is easy and cheap to make.

I’d like to cheer to shiny skins and smooth behinds in the upcoming year. 😉Photo 09-01-16 11 14 58

Homemade Coffee Body Scrub


  • 1 cup of used coffee grounds (or as much as you have)
  • ½ cup of coconut oil, slightly softened, hazelnut oil or any other oil that you find pleasant (you can even use olive oil) (or as much as you need to transform the coffee grounds into something that resembles very wet sand)
  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon (optionally)


  1. Mix all ingredients together and head off to the shower. One note is that the coffee grounds have a limited expiration date, so don’t store this mixture for longer than let say a week. The cinnamon will make the mixture smell divine, but is a sheer luxury.
  2. In case you decide to play with the amounts, just make sure that you have enough oil so that the end mixture resembles something like very wet sand.
  3. Enjoy!

Wholegrain Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Herbed Butter

image1 Considering this blog is just one year old, there is a staggering amount of booze to find. Well, booze and mostly cake and other sorts of party food which don’t require cutlery and all pair perfectly well for gatherings with friends.

Considering that all this borreling is not necessarily good for one’s waistline, sometimes the cheese platter has to make room for something more substantial. And with that I don’t mean a green juice or a smoothie bowl (we are no monsters here).

A substantial meal is from my point of view one that consist out of a large amount of vegetables, and keeps you full for a long time, and most of all just tastes amazing.

This Spaghetti with Mushrooms sauteed in herbed butter is a perfect example and suits autumn perfectly. We made this one with foraged (!) mushrooms (more exact these), but they will be great with either brown button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms or shii-takes.
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Chocolate Truffles with dried Cranberries, Chili & Sea Salt

image3In my mind home is the place where the door is always open the wine rack is filled and there are plates with nibbles in the fridge. There are friends spontaneously stopping by and the house is filled with real laughter, conversations and loads of eye contact.

Also, just to be a little more practical, I’d like to stretch the idea of wine rack with a variety of concoctions such as Homemade Gin, Cinnamon-Vanilla-Orange Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, Limoncello and Kumquat-Cinnamon Liqueur.

The plates with nibbles would be anything that is tempting to bite into and not so filling that it feels like a real meal. And no cutlery is needed (we are talking about an ideal world, obviously).

These truffles really fit into this picture, in my view at least. They are amazing to have in your fridge, and even though they take some effort and patience (only in the finishing, ball-rolling phase though), I think it really pays off as it makes such a brilliant amount of it. View Full Post

Homemade Gin

Photo 20-09-15 16 55 39

We have moved! And although this is no exciting news by any means, for anyone else except for me and the one person that moved with me (!), there is something interesting about changing places. The change of environment makes me feel like the normal routines and habits have fallen away, even though we have only moved two kilometers away from our former apartment (I know, it really does sound ridiculous, even more when I write it down). Other than the flood of self-help that scarily enough started to show up on Google once I tried to figure out whether it is normal to feel a little lost, I realised that Gretchen Rubin mentioned in her podcast (I really like this one – Happier) that changing environment or jobs often makes it easier to change habits.Thing is, I wasn’t planning on changing any habits. Whether I eat too much cheese or chocolate, I am by no means ready to admit that.

The part that is exciting however, is that I started to browse my Feedly for dinner inspiration yesterday. This might mean that there is space to try new things (or finally start the list I made with things I’d love to make). My first project in our new place is making gin. Yes, making gin at home!

While I was in Amsterdam recently, I saw a really beautiful gift set, holding an empty bottle, a spice mix and the instruction to add vodka to make your own gin. And I thought: we can do this ourselves!

Recipes to make gin vary greatly, to my large surprise. I’ve taken different recipes and simply decided on the ingredients I like most, but please feel free to amend as you like. As this small blog celebrates its first birthday tomorrow (!), I’m happy to say cheers! View Full Post

Roasted Garlic Rosemary Salt

Photo 23-08-15 13 28 54We are moving!
Whereas I am mentally already living at our new place, fact is that physically almost all of our stuff is still acting like it is belonging to our old home. The place is not boxed up, but still things start to get missing and move around.
This also implies, very contra-intuitive, that there is a need to empty the cupboards and fridge.

In ways I feel blessed (for a good laugh, please do look at this Instagram Account #blessed) with such a stocked freezer as we are still having proper meals. For two weeks straight, I know, I am ridiculous.
Also, it turns out, I have a thing for spices and salts. Instead of packing boxes I have decided to make things to empty our cupboards and to fill up the jars and bottles we would move empty otherwise.

Starting off with this Tomato-Chili Salt, moving on to make more Limoncello (I don’t have any excuse for that, sorry), making even more Vanilla Essence, I decided to take a turn and make this Roasted Garlic Rosemary Salt.
It completely surprised me and I think it might be one of the best things I’ve made in a long time. The salt is super aromatic, the roasted garlic cloves dry up to become a little leathery, rather than hard, but still blend in perfectly with the salt.

The project does take a little patience and will take up a bit of space on your kitchen counter but you will be super happy to have done so. Also, and I know this is coming a little early, but I can imagine this to be beautiful gifts in holiday season, divided in little pots or small pouches.
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