Happy Friday!

Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? I suppose it is the last stretch of winter that is getting to me a bit. Bicycle lanes were icy this week, there were buckets of rain and my cycle-commute was everything but glamorous (although, question is when it ever is of course).
This weekend, we are driving south to spend time with friends and I’m looking forward to wind down and relax.

Before signing off, I am happy to share the links that made me smile this week.

Yesterday I published a post on all tips & recommendations on getting married in Frankfurt (or Germany in general). I thoroughly enjoyed going through all photos of our wedding. Thinking of all the memories we made together with our closest family and friends makes me incredibly happy. And again (forever) credit to the most wonderful bridesmades who let me drink coffee and pretend it was just another day. 🙂

These kitchen hacks are good!

And this honest post on how to read more books is so endearing (and relatable).

I’m not one to exercise every day, but this article got me at “I’m not a professional athlete/superhuman. I’m a regular human who wants to live a good life“.

This chocolate-fudge bundt cake looks delicious!

And this banana cake with dulce de leche sounds divine. I’m plotting to try this recipe for my father and am considering how much more dulce de leche I can add. If you’re looking for a way to make your own dulce de leche, you can find it here.

Talking coffee, this mocha-chocolate mousse sounds delicious!

I’m looking forward to start a new project in the kitchen, and this home-made chorizo (!) is high on my list.

And talking about my cycling commute, I love listening to podcasts (recommendations here) and I after reading all the positive reviews, I am excited to start listening to this one: Pod Save America.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Sunday

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Oh hello, how are you doing? How is your weekend?
I’m basking in an easy-going weekend including time with friends but also loads of time to read and study – which feels perfect. At the moment I am roasting loads of vegetables in the oven for the week ahead, largely inspired by this genius cooking system to eat well all week long.
In addition, I have made a cheese platter (in case taking the rinds off and arranging on a pretty plate counts as ‘making’), mayonnaise and roasted garlic butter. This means that there will be very little cooking in after work this week, and that dinner will be a simple assembly of said things with maybe a simple salad.

Below I am sharing the links that made me smile this week. 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday!

What is your super power? I read! And loads of it. 😉
This idea of having only five email folders to organize all of your inbox is really amazing and I am considering to apply it to my work account.
And talking work, this article suggest different music to increase focus and productivity, I am loving it already.

I am always happy to hear about new podcast suggestions (currently I am cathing up on ‘How I built this‘), and am excited about these recommendations.

This idea to bake chocolate chip cookies in a muffin pan is brilliant. Can’t wait to try this out with my recipe.

And this hippy banana bread sounds amazing. And talking loafs: this wild rice and carrot version looks amazing and I’m really curious about it.

Same goes for this raisin bread (that promises to be half raisins, half flour (!)).

And wow, this tip to add meringue powder to your macaron batter is insanely smart. I’ve ordered some right away to try it out. I’m embarrassed to admit that macarons tend to fail on me, even after finding a really good recipe and technique.

Not sure about you, but I consider eating meatballs at the Ikea the highlight of going there in the first place. Curious whether I can actually manage to make them at home?!

I’ve never made cupcakes before, but these (chocolate – peanutbutter – more chocolate) look pretty spectecular and I’m wondering whether I shall try. 🙂
Usually I am having some sort of oatmeal bars in the fridge to make sure I can grab something easy for breakfast (often based on this recipe minus all the honey), but I am always on the lookout for new variations and this one sounds pretty tasty.

Happy Friday!


Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? I am enjoying a super relaxed day off (!), which really feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure but is oh-so soul-restoring. Today I’m reading a book, going to the gym and I’m trying to draw one of these prints on chalkboard paper (which I ordered here in case you are looking for some).

Here are a few things that made me happy this week, and I thought would be nice to share:

These pull-apart Garlic Rolls look amazing. I tried my hands on these Cheddar Swirl Buns last week and am convinced that baking bread in small portions, covered in loads of butter, spices and cheese is the way forward from now on.

Even though I am currently mostly looking at them, of course cake is on my mind. I saw this Dulce de Leche Crepe Cake and this Coconut Carrot Cake and am considering to make one for family on Christmas Day.

And considering festive nibbles, how tasty do these Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Truffles sound?

And has anyone tried to smoke meat in a BBQ? We recently bought a Weber and I am wondering whether I could use it to smoke some nice chicken breasts or Turkey Legs in it this winter?

I recently bought these over-the-knee bordeaux red boots and couldn’t be happier. Never realized how nice it is to have warm knees in winter! Now it is just a matter for it to be even colder and snuggle up in these boots and the biggest of sweaters.

Since I am living in Germany I reluctantly wear a cycling helmet. Although it is, surprisingly, not as disturbing as I had expected, going out for a cocktail with a helmet hanging from your purse is not really chic. This idea of this foldable helmet, made out of beehive structured cardboard, is so, so smart and I hope it will be on the market soon!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming follow-up of Gilmore Girls and had to laugh at this sum-up of Lorelai’s coffee habit. And while we are talking coffee, I am really thinking about making this Latte Oatmeal.

Have a wonderful weekend!  



Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? It has been around zero degrees (!) here already this week, and I am slowly but happily transitioning into winter. This means loads of curling up inside this weekend, watching the new Bridget Jones movie (!) and trying my hands on this Savory BabkaHere are a few things that caught my eye this week:

These Cinnamon & Rye Crumpets sound delicious and I’m considering to make these for brunch on Sunday (with maybe some blueberries out of the freezer).

Making fruitcake in full English tradition is still on my bucket list and this recipe sum-up seems pretty doable.

I think Kimchi is one of the tastiest thing possible and am drooling thinking of this Macaroni & Kimchi-Cheese!

And I am so grateful for a well-crafted and tested recipe, and this Apple Strudel is really one I have bookmarked.

Since I am living in Germany, I am enjoying the incredibly low prices for nuts here in supermarkets and think about making a pecan pie this winter, how tasty does this recipe for Brown Butter Pecan Bars look?

How cool would it be to make these cookies shaped like pumpkins and mugs?!

This is so relatable: one lady became obsessed with bread and from not baking ever, all of a sudden, here whole week is scheduled around this new hobby.

I can’t wait to see season 4 of Sherlock (announced to air on the 1st of January 2017!), but laughed out loud seeing this Honest Trailer (obviously! Ha :)).  

Don’t forget to spot the best visible super moon this year on Monday!

And talking night skies, how amazing do these Glass Iglos look under the northern lights?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? I feel like the luckiest person alive, not only am I having a lazy day off with someone (wink wink) making me an omelette for breakfast but I also get to spend a weekend with my closest friends on our 10 year jubilee!
In the back of my car is wine, chocolate and a freshly baked almond-lemon cake and I honestly can’t wait to see them all and curl up for an autumny weekend.
In case you feel like reading, here are some of the links that made me smile this week. 

I love to read wise career advice from people that have seen it all. Throughout my working years, I always seem lucky enough to find mentors. The best advice I got this year is to follow the rules of the 20-miles march

And considering keeping a steady pace, I am starting to realise how important it is to take it slow(er) from time to time. Along those lines you can read Ina Gartner’s date night tips.

Food52 is always one of my favorite sources for kitchen wisdom, and some of their recent articles have been really good reads, such as this one on lessons to learn from Marcella Hazan, this article on Hot-water Pie Crust and on how to make an easy-going Chocolate Bark (hoping to make one with pieces of candied mint on top of .

The recipes that caught my eye this week are this Chipotle Mayonnaise, this Quince Tarte Tatin, these Coconut Macaroons and these Vanilla Sables. Looking forward to try some out. 🙂

Something that makes me incredibly happy is looking at beautiful things. These installations are mesmerizing, as well as these pieces of street art.
And of course, cake! How beautiful is this one? I am making a wedding cake for friends in Spring next year, and this one is definitely on the list for inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend!