Homemade Charcuterie Inspired by Spanish Lomo Iberico

Spanish Charcuterie - recipe of homemade cured pork loin on Tuk's Kitchen.com

Homemade Spanish Charcuterie, Lomo

I love this idea of an intentional summerOne that does not blend into the routine of all other (working) months of a year. After seeing so many cool ideas and reminders, I made my own plan to enjoy an intentionally slow summer with plenty of time to wander off my normal cycle routes, to go to the (open air!) swimming pool (instead of the gym) and to experiment in the kitchen, for example by making this Lomo Iberico inspired cured pork loin.

Truth to be said, I’ve had plenty of kitchen ‘experiments’ over the last couple of weeks, most of which have failed me miserably. I’m not kidding, Macarons, salad Olivier, Liquorice Caramels and Fudge have come and, actually, pretty quickly gone.
While I still feel pretty determined to get those right, there is one winner that did make it.

Yesterday evening we ate this perfectly cured pork loin, inspired by the Spanish charcuterie called ‘Lomo Iberico’. Maybe I am slightly biased due to the fact that I had waited three and a half weeks for this to be ready (talking about building up anticipation), but really, this tasted just as good as the one we ate in Madrid this year.

This Spanish Lomo Iberico gets thinly sliced and drizzled with olive oil, some bread, tomatoes and red wine is the perfect summer evening dinner to me (well, maybe a close call, nothing tops a cheese platter ;)). You know, a dinner where you intentionally get to enjoy all of the outside fresh air and the very late sunset.

First step of homemade cured pork loin - Spanish lomo

First step of homemade cured pork loin – Spanish lomo – Tuk’s Kitchen.com