Amsterdam Recommendations

The city I will most likely always call home, is welcoming, authentic and warms my heart even from a distance. People will be happy to chitchat and are quirky in the best sense of the word.
Also, they are most likely to be found on a terrace, no curtains apply, chocolate sprinkles are an accepted part of breakfast routine and there is absolutely no need to not speak your mind. Just be happy!

My favourite addresses to do grocery shopping in Amsterdam would be the following, happy to hear your thoughts and recommendations (apparently I consider buying chocolate a part of that, but hey, who am I kidding if I would deny that;)) 🙂

  • Brood, for really good sourdough bread.
  • Bakhuys, for maybe even better bread and as a bonus, an amazing setting in an old Amsterdam building with a full view on their large bakery.
  • Lot Sixty One for really good, home-roasted coffee.
  • Caffenation for a really friendly welcome and some really good coffee (or hot chocolate).
  • Slagerij de Leeuw, for good and responsible meat.
  • Bomboni Puccini, where chocolate does not get any better, made from home-roasted and melanged cocao beans.
  • Patisserie Holtkamp, for the traditionally best baked treats in Amsterdam (and actually all of the country). The croquetten are not to be missed either.
  • Meeuwig & Zn. where you can buy olive oil, sourced from small farmers in the meditterean and poured into bottles in the store.
  • Rob & Myrna on the Kinkerstraat will sell you the best herbs, locally grown vegetables and a good laugh during your weekly shoppings.
  • Frank’s Smoke House excells in all that can be smoked, and even though it is not cheap, it is worth a look.
  • Boer Geert sells the stuff that my dreams are made off. It is cheese all the way, as well as cured hams, dried sausages, homemade pasta and olives. Their staff is knowledgable and very kind. Buy their version of ‘Old Amsterdam’ and bring more home before you regret you didn’t.
  • De Krat will deliver you local produce to your door step on Saturday morning (yes, really!).
In case you are planning a trip to visit Amsterdam, do check out this very cute essay that the Wall Street Journal wrote on it. A useful referral website is Ztrdg.
Enjoy this wonderful place!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0752.