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About me
In spring of 2015 I moved from Amsterdam to Frankfurt am Main to live together with Anton. I can happily report that Germany is full of delicious bread, huge portions of both beer and meat and beautiful views.

I love reading cooking books, food blogs and watching cooking shows (there was the time I was really into Raymond Blanc, then Nigel Slater, and currently moving on to Yvette van Boven – recommended!). To keep track of all my favorite recipes, I decided to start this blog in September 2014.

The kitchen is my happy place, and I am excited to share it here.:)
Contact Details
In case I am not spotted cycling on the streets of Frankfurt, I am reachable on tukskitchen@gmail.com.
You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy to hear from you!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0996.