Happy Saturday!

How are you doing? It has been snowing (!) here in Frankfurt this week, with loads of shivering bike-rides. Needless to say, I hope it will be an easy-going sunny weekend full of nice food and seeing family. As I do more often on Fridays, I am happy to share the links that caught my attention this week, ranging from podcast recommendations to recipes.

How insane is this? Publications of fake science leaking into our system…

These Kimchi-Pork Buns look insanely delicious.

Truth to be said, there are days when I am considering to take off in a sailing boat to never look back, but reading this article changes my mind. #Vanlife really isn’t as sunny as the pictures seem to be.

And how Shouts&Murmurs nailed it this week: babysitting Donald. “But here’s the most important thing: There is to be no tweeting after 9 p.m. When you tell him that, he’ll yell stuff like “People have said that I’m a tremendous tweeter!”; “It’s only eight—all the clocks are fake!”; and “I’m not tweeting, I’m sending a text message to 26.4 million people!”

And I loved this Modern Love note on staying married“I’ve had at least three marriages. They’ve just all been with the same person.”

Savoury cookies are on my list to try out. These dried tomato-pine nut version sounds delicious!

How cute are these sprinkle pancakes?

I am a huge fan of this blog, and am amazed again by the looks of this pastel hot chocolate.

This week is my birthday, and I am planning on baking this Rhubarb-Strawberry Cake  🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



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