Happy Easter!

Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are having an Easter, filled with egg hunts, chocolate eating and coffee.
We are keeping a low profile this weekend and I couldn’t be happier to potter around in the kitchen, to organize photos (finally) and to renew the plants on our balcony. I really have my hopes up this year and am keeping my fingers crossed for loads of flowers and vegetables (!). The herbs have already sprung up this spring and I am making loads of my favorite herbed butter.
Before heading off for dinner with friends tonight, I am sharing the links that made me smile this week.

Interesting thought on conducting interviews (and the bonanza that comes with it).

Sleep as the new status symbol, really?

I am not a huge fan of consuming or buying a lot of stuff, but the Lookfantastic Beauty Box has really been such a treat that I can’t help but share it here. It properly feels like giving myself a monthly gift.
TED videos are the best, and even though this spin-off is meant for school kids, I find them intriguing. How about a little itch?

Last week I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with friends on the Dutch countryside (hence the beautiful photo above). I brought this Lemon-Mint Cake (minus the meringue) and I can’t believe I am not making this on a weekly basis….

Even though it is not the point of this article, it did make me laugh about the sheer amount of stuff I am dragging around on a daily basis. It truly seems like the basics in my handbag expand per year. Maybe it is because I always used to mock my mother about this, but it really makes me feel happy to think about this.

Cooking wisdom, oh I love this type of articles! Like, what about brushing chicken with mayonnaise before roasting it in the oven?!

These Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies sound delicious.

And I love this food for thought: to be a genius, think like a 94 year old.

Did you already start to listen to S-Town? I am hooked and also kind of sad that I’ve finished the series.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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