Happy Saturday!

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Hello! How is your Saturday? I hope it is filled with sunshine, sprinkles and coffee. I am in full holiday-mood and am super excited to fly off to Iceland (!). Did I mention that I have a new camera?? I can’t wait to snap away and enjoy all the views and fresh air of an outdoor holiday.
Also, the new Grace & Frankie season got released! It *might* be that I will bingewatch my way through the flight. I am not kidding you, this series is brilliant!

In addition, I came across the following reads that I am happy to share with you.

This superb chocolate tart!

Jam bars, oh how delicious would these be with homemade raspberry jam?

Kimchi tacos, yes! I can’t get enough of kimchi these days and actually the only thing stopping me from eating it with everything is that it is not that easy to buy and that it takes some days to make.

And how 12 second videos on instagram are changing the way we perceive recipes.

And talking videos: this aioli looks delicious!

So do these chocolate chip cookie sticks (!).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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