Happy Weekend!

[photo via] Hello! How is your weekend? Here in Frankfurt it is sunny and freezing cold, and I am truly enjoying it. Friday and yesterday I have had my fair share of friends, big breakfasts, pancakes and loads of coffee and I couldn’t be happier to hunker down today to read and recharge for the week ahead.
Over the course of this week I really enjoyed reading the following links, and thought you might like them as well.
This Bridget Trump Twitter diary makes me laugh out loud.
And so does this announcement of the Sunday’s Herald of Trump’s inauguration as an episode of the Twilight Zone.

This guide is point on. I really think that you can recognize a good restaurant / bar / cafe by considering whether you would be able to feel comfortable being there on your own.

And these life lessons, summed up by game designer Elizabeth Sampat are perfect. “Mallory Ortberg’s “what an odd thing to say!” is the world’s best polite response to someone saying something insulting.”

And these hacks on making pizza (dough) at home remind me that I would really like to be able to pull this off. The tip to let your dough age is really cool.
Talking things homemade, I would love to make my own marmelade. This recipe seems ridiculously easy!

And this riff on both lasagna and moussake is brilliant!

This bun is a cross between croissant and cinnamon roll (!) and would be perfect for weekend-breakfasts.
These lemon-poppyseed muffins sound good! (and look at those photos!!)

My soup-repertoire is fairly limited, and I would be happy to try this version out with farro, spinach and mushrooms.
It’s not often that I make dessert (as in, something else than cakes), but this chocolate mousse with bourbon might make its way to our table!

Other than that, I made mascarpone frosting to top chocolate cupcakes (made with this chocolate batter) and I might never look back. It is just a mixture of 2 parts mascarpone, 1 part icing sugar, a good pinch of salt and a tablespoon of vanilla extract, mixed together until smooth. The texture is unbelievable and the taste is wonderfully tangy. I’ll let the batch be tested this weekend and *might* come back with a post on it really soon. 😉

Have a wonderful week!


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