A new year!

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Oh hello, how are you doing? I’m snuggling up inside as it is COLD outside here in Frankfurt (I know I am a bit of a sea-climate wimp, but really the temperature makes one’s face hurt!). Having said that, I am fully enjoying taking things slow, drinking coffee and reading books.
I’ve started reading the Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime, and I find it a really enjoyable easy read.

Other than that, I am embracing all the thoughts and ideas that come with the start of a new year.
Not only do I want to cook more easy and quick things (such as this lentil stew), I have also added think days to my list. And to be honest, I feel like today already counts like one.

This article on making friends as a grown-up really struck a chord with me. My intent for this winter months is to connect more to Frankfurt and its community. And it is so good to remember that all friendships, even those that feel like they were always there, started with an awkward coffee.

Also this idea to turn your favorite quote into wall-art is just wonderful and so simple! Nothing super original, but it is so good to remember that joy is really in small things. And talking more of this visual inspiration, what about these gorgeous wallpapers, these photos of 2016 or this video on how marbled paper is made?
And after seeing Deb Perelman make Irish Cream, all of a sudden these bars seem not such a bad idea as well. Apparently, I’m drawn to the idea of bake & slice bars as I immediately saved these ones to my list of things to cook in the near future.

Even though I have never seen this in Frankfurt, apparently I am missing out on this enticing German Chocolate Cake (!).
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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