Happy Friday!

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Hello how are you doing? I can’t believe it is Friday and almost Christmas.
Our fridge is overflowing with food, prepared ahead of Christmas, and it couldn’t make me happier. We made Chicken Liver Pate, Lasagna, meatloaf stuffed with feta cheese, Garlic Butter, peanutbutter cookies and Ginger Snap Cookies (!).
I know, it is not the most elegant of fare or very ‘Christmassy’, but it does mean that there will be loads of time to relax together with our family while dinner is heating up in the oven.

If you’re looking to have a quiet moment to read I have a couple of links for you that definitely made me smile this week:

The idea to make Irish Cream at home has never felt so appealing! Of course, Deb Perelman nailed it.
How good do these Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Brownies sound? Or this Hazelnut-Coffee Cheese Cake?

I’m playing with the thought of making marshmallows and thought that these look amazing.
And talking ‘fluff’, look at this Salted Caramel Smores Pie!

And I even though I have made sweet potato fries before, they were never as crispy as I’d like them to be. I’m excited (and a little intimidated) by this recipe. Boiled fries are dunked in a slush of corn-flower and water and then fried! Admittedly it really makes me drool to think of these. Maybe (you know, just maybe) we could make these with some Mustard Mayonnaise?

Last year I have made and gifted Preserved Lemons to friends, and after seeing this recipe of Gnocchi Alfredo with Preserved Lemon, I am so tempted to make them again. Plus, they look so pretty on kitchen shelves.

And talking kitchen experiments, I would love to try my hands on this raisin-studded Sourdough Bread.

I have the intention to make this Christmas the most relaxed one possible (hence all the prepared food). My parents are coming over and I would be so happy to watch BBC Earth II with them. Have you seen this hilarious clip of dancing bears? More on my ‘watch-list’ is the Christmas edition of Yvette van Boven’s cooking program.

Next year, I really hope to improve my photos (in real life and in this space), and these photos of Chocolate Sables are such an inspiration. Currently I am only making photos with my phone or iPad and am considering to invest in a ‘real’ camera (and maybe even a course). Do you have any tips? For now, I’m reading this article.

Wishing you a wondeful Christmas time, and remember: relaaaax (whoooza). 🙂


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