Hi there, how are you doing? It’s been cold (!), really cold here and I am warming up (ha!) to the Christmas Market here in Frankfurt.
In this post, I am linking all articles and online things that made me smile this week. Have a great weekend!

Ikea did it once again by trolling us all with these product names, representing the most frequently asked questions on Google. I love the ‘how to stay married’ pan with a 25 year warranty.

Anyone else excited for the trailer of The Circle?

And this list of cookbooks for new or hesitant cooks is nice!

This month I try to make cookie dough whenever I have time and freeze them, wrapped as little logs, so I can slice and bake whenever we are having guests over. These pistachio butter cookies sound really tasty and easy.  Other favorites are these chocolate-brandy cookies, these chocolate-espresso thumbprint cookies and Dories classic jammer cookies.

Assuming I can’t subside on cookies alone, I think this recipe of lemon-garlic chicken sounds perfect for cold days.

And has anyone ever made eggnog before? I’d love to give it a shot, and am eyeing this link on Food52 on it that makes it sound so easy!

And, you know, to make sure we all feel that the holiday season is here, why don’t you have a look at this perfect Christmas ad. 🙂

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