photo-02-12-2016-12-55-53Hello, how are you doing? How is your Sunday? I am happy to report that my coffee quota was reached today and that I saw loads of beautiful Dutch landscapes in a frosty cold sun. We visited family this weekend and brought the carrot cake in the picture above. It was delicious and I’d be happy to come back with a blog post on it after I try baking it just one more time, you know just to be sure.

Before diving into the week ahead, I am happy to share all the things I loved to read this week with you.

I thought this was such a good piece on how it is to be propelled into being an Instagram influencer.Β I have to shamefully admit that since I read this, I have also start to use a hashtag-generator and I am almost too afraid to look at what it is spitting out. So my creamcheese covered carrot cake is now tagged as vegan (cringe I know).

This recipe of Marmelade made out of mixed citrus fruits sounds wonderfully relaxed and looks amazing.

And how nice would it be to gift this Spruce Needle Vodka? I am not yet sure whether I fully grapple which tree we are looking for in the forest, but I am hopelessly enthusiastic (it’s always the same story :)).

How cool and trippy does this wallpaper look like?

And this recipe for German Lebkuchen sounds manageable, and I am wondering whether I shall try to make it, you know to mark living in Germany officially. Same with these Peanut-Butter Cookies, but with way less of an excuse. πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful evening!

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