Happy Friday!


Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? I am enjoying a super relaxed day off (!), which really feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure but is oh-so soul-restoring. Today I’m reading a book, going to the gym and I’m trying to draw one of these prints on chalkboard paper (which I ordered here in case you are looking for some).

Here are a few things that made me happy this week, and I thought would be nice to share:

These pull-apart Garlic Rolls look amazing. I tried my hands on these Cheddar Swirl Buns last week and am convinced that baking bread in small portions, covered in loads of butter, spices and cheese is the way forward from now on.

Even though I am currently mostly looking at them, of course cake is on my mind. I saw this Dulce de Leche Crepe Cake and this Coconut Carrot Cake and am considering to make one for family on Christmas Day.

And considering festive nibbles, how tasty do these Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Truffles sound?

And has anyone tried to smoke meat in a BBQ? We recently bought a Weber and I am wondering whether I could use it to smoke some nice chicken breasts or Turkey Legs in it this winter?

I recently bought these over-the-knee bordeaux red boots and couldn’t be happier. Never realized how nice it is to have warm knees in winter! Now it is just a matter for it to be even colder and snuggle up in these boots and the biggest of sweaters.

Since I am living in Germany I reluctantly wear a cycling helmet. Although it is, surprisingly, not as disturbing as I had expected, going out for a cocktail with a helmet hanging from your purse is not really chic. This idea of this foldable helmet, made out of beehive structured cardboard, is so, so smart and I hope it will be on the market soon!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming follow-up of Gilmore Girls and had to laugh at this sum-up of Lorelai’s coffee habit. And while we are talking coffee, I am really thinking about making this Latte Oatmeal.

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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