Happy Weekend!


Hello good morning, how are you doing? How was your week? I am happy to report that I am drinking coffee, listening to the Beach Boys, reading and planning to not do much else this weekend. Here are a couple of things that made me smile this week. πŸ™‚

Wednesday we woke up to some very unexpected results. Even though I know that Facebook should never be a source of news, I do realise – shockingly enough – that I too have been clicking around in my own bubble of likes and good news. My resolution is to try to watch the daily news as much as I can. Maybe my parent’s generation do know what they are up to in the end.

And on a lighter note, I love this idea of a cook-book club! How cool is that? I’m wondering whether I should try to start one here in Frankfurt.

Maybe I am a little early, but I love making presents for the holidays myself. Currently I am infusing walnut oil with dried porcini in some simple but beautiful bottles.
Another idea I really love is to giftΒ a baking mix in a pretty jar, such as this gluten-free Hazelnut Brownie Mix. In case you are looking for more ideas, check out some of my holiday gift ideas and recipes from the last years over here.

Also, have you ever tried to ferment something in honey? I am not sure about whether the honey I can buy is really ‘raw’ but I would be really happy to try the cranberry variation.

And this must be the stuff that dreams are made of: Dulce de Leche – Dark Chocolate salted tarts.

These days I am truly trying to eat less sugar, and it is a rough road to be honest. This recipe ofΒ Granola based on peanut butter sounds perfect and I have tried different riffs on this idea already. Happy to report on that soon. πŸ™‚

And considering dinner options, these Lazy Cabbage Rolls sounds like a great way to try my hands on a Russian classic.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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