Happy Friday!

img_6006Hello! How are you doing? How is your week? I am plotting to curl up inside under a warm blanket and keep things low this weekend, with maybe a mushroom-hunting trip as a little escape.

Here are a few links that made me smile this week:

Whenever I look at this blog, I keep thinking ‘oh god, how come I suck so badly at this?’ Because I keep reading all these really well-written articles, those witty recipes accompanied by smooth marketing moves, I should know how to pull it off, right?
Watching Ira Glas (yes, from This American Life) talk about the Gap (the distance between what you know is good, and your own work) makes me realise that continuing (and possibly creating pages full of mediocre work) might get me there eventually.

This recipe for infused bourbon, 3 ways is brilliant and a good way to start making homemade gifts for this holiday season (I know it is still October, but I can’t help it :)). For more inspiration for homemade gifts & holiday presents look here.

The search for a Russian Honey Cake recipe has screeched to a halt here. Smitten Kitchen (!) has done all the heavy lifting of researching and testing. I couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait to try this out!

The same goes with this Coffee & Walnut Cake, this 8-Layer Orange Chocolate Cake and these Mini Funfetti Squares (seeing this wishlist makes me really laugh out loud, as it might really be that my efforts to not eat that much snacks these days is showing).

Considering all things beautiful, how cool is this (literal) sound-cloud? Or how cute are these awkward wildlife photos?
Or these magnifyingly beautiful tiny creatures? And talking about the beauty of Mother Earth, I couldn’t be more excited about Planet Earth II coming to the BBC ‘soon’.

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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