Happy Friday!

fullsizerenderHello! How are you doing? How is your week? Autumn has truly set in here in Frankfurt, and not only did temperatures drop, it also seems to be pretty dark and rainy. Reason more to curl up inside and read alllll the things online and put a simmering pot of bolognese sauce on the stove. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, here are a few links that made me smile this week:

Cycle paths that glow up during the night and use sustainable energy (!)

These winning action photos are absolutely breathtaking, my favorite being the first shot of the hands of a professional climber.

I love this illustration, and it is a good thing to question yourself everyday: who do I want to impress? My 5 year-old self that is.
Part of that would be to color and paint more, for which this trick would be an awesome way to get into.

This succulent wreath looks amazing, and I’m wondering whether I can get away with trying to make one for the holidays this year (without making it seem like I’m picking up yet another hobby for which I need to raid the DIY store).

Oprah’s 12 business lessons was really what I needed to read this week: ‘keeping marching and don’t look behind you’. I’m not sure whether it is social media but from time to time I feel so intimidated by how other people seem to achieve so much while I seem to be slugging behind somewhere, that I was happy to see this fresh statement.

I think this is the prettiest possible apple pie and I wish I would have had the patience to make it. Instead I made my favorite recipe another time and am looking forward to eat it over the weekend.

This recipe sounds so indulgent and so, so perfectly fit for autumn, that I’d sign up for it anyday, I mean slow cooked beef, bread, caramelized onions and a juicy dip!

Talking cheese, how cool is this idea to crisp-fry pieces of Swiss cheese and put it on top of a plate of creamy pasta?!

This cake recipe seems to be both so simple and intriguing (one part yeasted butter dough?!).

There is something about raisins in dishes that really attract me, and this seems to be such a clever and tasty way to use up all of your broccoli.


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