Happy Friday!


Hello! How are you doing? I am SO happy it is Friday. It is a long weekend here in Germany and I am looking forward to to enjoy the last couple of evenings on our terrace this season. Other than that we are going hiking with friends (!) in Bavaria this weekend, and I’m really excited (and keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be raining). Over to the links that made me smile this week…

These life lessons from Anthony Bourdain on life, travel and food.

This summer photo book that is truly beautiful and really makes me want to make more photographs.

And on photography, these tips to make better travel photos. Speaking about travel photos, these pictures of allll the starry nights and northern lights in Norway really make me want to become a camping person.  

Being brief in emails is the new polite, a fresh look on how to be as short as you can in your business emails. And more insights and tips for negotiating your salary for ladies in business.

This short video on how-to-meditate is wonderful! Ready to give this a try.

I love these pro-tips series and this butcher really gives some hands-on advice.

Talking food, I’m looking forward to try my hands on making almond pudding (‘blanc manger’), poached pears and this cauliflower breadsticks.

This coconut cake looks amazing (and I loooove the idea of a two-person book club).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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