Happy Friday!

Photo 04-08-2015 21 04 48Hello, how are you doing? I can’t wait for it to be weekend and to take things sloooow for two days. Tomorrow we are going to an apple orchard and I’m seriously looking forward to inhale all of the fresh autumn air.

In the meantime, I am happy to share the links that made me smile this way.

This note on starting a food blog, by the lady that more or less invented food blogs, made me smile.

Reading career tips is one of my favorite pastimes, especially when they are written by smart ladies. “Don’t be frightened: you can always change your mind. I know: I’ve had four careers and three husbands. You are not going to be you, fixed and immutable you, forever.”

In case you have the stamina to read even more, here is a great list of books, written by ladies in business.

Lowering the bar to invite friends over for dinner is one of the best thing one can do from my perspective. You can find loud and clear instructions on how to do exactly that over here.

This lamp by Dima Loginoff is a true piece of art. Along the same lines, I love these storm photos by Mitch Dowbrowner.

Apparently, Netflix knows when you’re hooked to a series. I can honestly admit that I’m fully into OITNB after four episodes…

Considering alllll the apples I will hoard tomorrow, I hope I am making an apple pie, such as this one (!) or this one with a layer of almond paste.

And it *might* just be the case that I’m Googling recipes for cheese-mustard soup (you know, it is getting cold!).

Have a wonderful weekend!



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