Happy weekend!


Hello, how are you doing? Here in Frankfurt the last days of summer are truly mesmerizing. The skies are beautiful and the light is turning into this really warm-cold autumn filter.

I’m looking forward to go mushroom hunting (!) this weekend and to make do a big time tidying up of our linen closet, inspired by this cool post on Shutterbean (am I weird for feeling incredibly happy about tidying things?).

In the meantime, I am happy to share the links that made me smile this way.

Who are you again? I absolutely love Nemo and couldn’t help but grin when seeing this Pixar Off by Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks

Truly impressive how collaboration can lead to something so powerful, reading this on how the women in the Obama government got their voices heard.

And for weeks like this, tips to destress are always welcome, and even if it’s difficult saying no to fun things when they’re too much (or to leave when you feel like, I truly feel this argument for ghosting my way out of party).

And dreaming about the far future always includes dreams of living close to my best friends, like this casual dream-castle in the woods while having a hobby like let’s say senior cheerleading.

I came across these water paintings and think they are truly mesmerizing, check out these works of Fabienne Rivory.

And looking forward to make these peanut-butter fudge squares, this sesame seed brittle and this spicy green soup with buckwheat noodles.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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