Happy Friday!


Hello! How are you sailing by this week? I am sharing a list of the things that make me happy this week.

Talking food, I am making a geode cake at the moment and am really enjoying the process (good thing I suppose, as the process is pretty time-consuming;)). Hoping it will all work out.

Last week I watched Mission Blue on Netflix, and it might be all the snorkling in the Maldives (also source for the photo above), but I consider this a must-see.

I also started watching Cosmos, and it is incredibly cool to watch.

This bullet-journaling is intriguing, and after seeing this meal-plan bullet journal, I might just be pursuaded of the fact that I need this in my life.

The Ikea Food Power Ranking. I’m voting Swedish meatballs all the way.

The recipe homemade dry shampoo is a hit in my books already, I added peppermint essential oil and am really loving it. I’m also planning to make these body butter bars again.

These aubergine fries look incredibly tasty!

Even though I’m not one to make fiddly one-person desserts, these meringues look really inviting.

I love this recipe for chocolate chip cookies with less sugar in them. Who doesn’t need that?

What did you come across this week? Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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