Rum-Raisins infused with Vanilla

Photo 14-12-15 14 14 47 Being cool is nothing I’m aiming for, which is, of course something I am saying to justify the inevitable. I’m afraid the old-fashionedness is leaking through the pages of this blog. These might Rum-Raisins are no exception as these are something that rather reminds me of my grandparents than any of my friends. Also I can’t imagine standing in a hip bar spooning these out of a cozy glass.

But that is exactly the thing with these little gems: they’re delicious. And not in a way that you have to wear your nice shoes with it. It is the kind of stuff you eat at home, around the people you feel so comfortable with that you might just wear pajamas.
The swelled up raisins take up the flavor of the vanilla bean and soften the taste of the rum. Added to ice cream (such as this one), in Truffles (link) or simply spooned out of a little whiskey glass, these are a real treat.
I’m planning to serve these on our New Year’s Eve party alongside some sweetened whipped cream (that will off course also be delicious on a strong cup of coffee – now that we’re going down this old-fashioned path ;)). If you would like to make these for your New Year’s Eve or as a present: perfect, they don’t need much time, and you will see that the raisins absorb the liquid within a few days.
Happy holidays!
Rum-Raisins infused with Vanilla


  • 250 grams of raisins, rinsed thoroughly with hot water
  • 500 milliliters of brown, aged rum
  • 1 vanilla bean, cut in two halves


  1. Wash the raisins and let them dry up a little in the coliander.
  2. Prepare two pots (both around half a liter) by washing them out and rinsing them with boiling water (be careful not to burn yourself). This last step is to make sure there are no bacteria left in the jar. Other than with marmelade for example, this food is not very perishable due to the high alcohol content, but it just makes me feel very comfortable to know that there is absolutely no risk in sight.
  3. Divide the raisins over the two jars and place halve a vanilla stick in each. Pour over the rum and close the lid. Let it stand as long as you can (the taste will improve), but it is good to serve after four days already. In case you want to speed up the infusing of the vanilla, you can slice the bean lengthwise before placing it in the jar. I simply went the easy way and I also considered to reuse the bean for vanilla extract or syrup afterwards. Enjoy!
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