Rum Balls

Photo 28-11-15 15 36 48 (1)This article, published in the Atlantic, is hilariously and at the sametime painfully accurate. It turns out, home cooking is actually everything but ‘fast and easy’, even though many recipes and magazines keep suggesting this.

Running by your local curry-wurst joint (yeah, definitely living in Germany these days;)) is what I would call convenient. But actually doing groceries, dragging these home after a day of work, taking the time to wash vegetables, chop ingredients and actually prepare all of this into a meal, that is true labor (regardless of whether these morsels only need 3 minutes in an actual pan or ‘just a whizz in the kitchen machine’).

Which is also the reason I truly adore homemade food, as it is special and love is required to make it from scratch. I think it is time to start appreciating home cooking for all that it is: an act of love, patience and care for those you are serving it to (even if it’s a solo-meal and that person is you:)).

Savoring the things that you made yourself, to me, also means that leftovers are treated carefully. In case of baking cakes, often the last pieces are leftover and I make a habit of putting these into the freezer. Considering that it is not the most festive things to serve a defrosted piece of cake, I often roll them into these Rum Balls. Also cake trimmings (I’m fairly new to this phenomenon, but more about that later) would find their destination here.

Photo 28-11-15 15 37 04Rum Balls

Rum Balls


  • 400 grams of cake leftovers, preferably simple cake (such as this honey cake , or simple loaf cake)
  • 4 tablespoons of vanilla essence, rum or any other liqueur you have on hand
  • 2 tablespoons of buttercream or, if you do not have that on hand, simply more rum in case you feel like the mixture is not sticking together enough
  • optionally: a handfull of raisins
  • 100 grams of cacao to roll the balls in (alternatively chocolate sprinkles would be awesome)


  1. Pour all of the cake leftovers into a large bowl and go through it with your hands to crumble it all apart. Once you have the feeling that no large pieces are left, mix in the vanilla essence (or other alternatives), raisins if you are using as well as the buttercream. Stir it all with a spatula and see whether the consistency is alright, you are looking for something that is stickier than wet sand but isn't overly liquid. Spread the cacao onto a deep plate.
  2. Use an ice cream scoop to take portions of the rum and cake mixture and drop these into the cacao. Roll these with your hands. You can let these firm up a little in the fridge, but that is not even necessary. They will keep up for a week in the fridge.



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