Tomato Chili Salt

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As a fervent user of salt (I know, nothing to be proud of I am afraid) and homemade gifts, I was awed to see that Food52 turned their tomato peel into a beautifully red-pinkish salt!
Not wasting any food is a goal in itself, and I was super happy to make something this awesome out of something that I would have otherwise thrown away.
The process is fairly simple and doesn’t need much more than a little bit of dry air (or help of a low temperature oven) and some patience. It is a perfect project for these last warm summer days, and although it is admittedly quite some work, this is one of those things that require a little patience and rumbling around. In my opinion the best thing for a leisurely enjoyed weekend.  

Whereas I optimistically started off using my (admittedly very pretty) pestar and mortle, I have to say that it was hard work. Like really hard work that could much better be done by a kitchen machine. To add more flavor and a bit of firework, I’ve also added Chili Pepper to give all a little more depth. Next time I make this I’ll be considering to also add a tablespoon of smoked paprika powder, as I think it will really make a nice addition.
All of this might just be reason enough to make this Salmorejo..;) Happy Sunday!
Tomato Chili Salt

200 grams of salt, I used pink Himalayan salt
skins of 500 grams of tomatoes (for example when you’re making this soup:))
1 tablespoon of chili pepper flakes (optionally)
1 tablespoon of smoked paprika powder (optionally)

Mix the tomato peel with the salt in a large plate, to make sure it is exposed to as much air as possible. Depending on the weather, either let it dry in the open air for a couple of days, or alternatively put this into your oven after you’ve baked something in it or on a very low 50-75 degrees Celsius for a couple of hours.

Make sure all is thoroughly dried and only then proceed to the next step. The tomato peel should feel hard and crispy. Then pound or blitz all into submission in either your pestle and mortar or kitchen machine until you have a pretty pink – reddish salt. This is super tasty on your rice, soup or breakfast egg. Enjoy and have a happy Sunday! Photo 11-08-15 07 18 00

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