Maple Butter

The thing with inspiration (explicitly not transpirational, considering the weather ;)), or ideas in general, is that I feel like they seem to bubble up when I least expect it.
In April when we traveled to Sicily I assumed I would come home with loads of ideas on my mind to whizz around the kitchen cooking up all kinds of tratoria imitations. None of that happened.
Same thing when we came back from Jamaica, I simply took for granted that I would cook jerk until our oven would collapse. Well, that didn’t really happen either.

However, now that there is backsweat applying to working in the office with temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius in Frankfurt (!), I seem to be yarning to turn on the oven and bake bread, galette, Polenta Fries. I even made Cherry Confiture and strawberry marmelade.
I know it is strange! It might have all to do with the fact that I am settling in in Frankfurt a bit more, which makes more space in my head to daydream about creating things. In any case: I am really happy to dance around in the kitchen and happy to share.

From all my kitchen pottering I figured this Maply Butter is easiest to transport after being cooled thoroughly in the fridge and tastes wonderfull on bread. The practical approach is to share the results over a summer evening picnic.
It could also very well double as a cake filling or frosting.
PS my dear Appie thanks for bringing this amazing Maple Syrup all the way from Canada!Maple Butter
Inspired by this recipe for Honey Butter. The amounts can easily be amended.

  • 250 grams of softened butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon of nice salt (I used himalayan pink salt)
  • 75 grams of icing sugar
  • 100 milliliters of good quality Maple Syrup

Let the butter soften outside the fridge until you can easily squeeze the package. Place it in a deep bowl (to prevent splattering and the icing sugar flying off). Add the salt, sugar and Maple Syrup.
Whip all with a mixer until it looks soft and fluffy. The icing sugar acts as a binding agent between the butter and syrup. I would therefore recommend to not leave it out. You could try with a little less, but I also found that it really supported the taste of the Maple Syrup.
This makes a beautiful spread on bread, scones or muffins, but would also be great between sandwiches cookies, as a filling of a sponge cake or as a frosting (in which case I would likely add 75 grams more icing sugar).
Have a nice Thursday!

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