Orange Coconut Scrub

I love the internet, for the opportunity it gives genius minds to share their ideas in seconds (I am pretty sure it takes them much longer to carefully draft their words, but nevertheless, I devour all as fast as I can take it in).
As much as with books, blogs even more, give you an instant look inside the brain of the writer, it is a little step insides someone’s world.

And when I say brilliant ideas, I am looking at you, Caramalised Cacao Nibs, Poppy Seed Meringues and yes, this Orange Coconut Scrub.
I came across the recipe for this scrub only two days ago, but already made two pots. It is strangely addictive to make this, as it seems to turn some semi-humble ingredients into something that feels just so incredibly luxurious. It is almost instant gratification for practically a little bit of stirring. These pots make wonderful gifts, and sure I gave away both already as well (market research, off course;)).

This scrub leaves your skin extremely smooth and moisturized, while it doesn’t feel too rough.
The fine and soft sugar makes this a very soothing peeling. Anyhow, I am back in the kitchen for sure to make a little more. 🙂

Orange Coconut Scrub
Adapted from Our Best Bites, makes one little (jam) pot

  • zest of two large oranges (very finely grated, almost into a mush with a microplane)
  • 100 grams of soft white sugar
  • 100 grams of coconut oil
  • optionally: a few drops of orange essential oil

I have made scrubs before, often with a neutral oil such as walnut oil and salt, but have never achieved the perfect consistency.
I would however say, that this scrub is just what scrub should be. It is smooth without being too gritty or greasy, and smells just divine.
Soften the coconut oil by leaving it out in room temperature or in a generally warm room.
With regards to the oil: you can easily use a cheaper coconut oil here, but a virgin coconut oil will give a very distinct and pleasant exotic smell, which goes together very well with the orange.
Simply mix all ingredients, and you are done. The orange zest will color all beautifully orange.
In case you don’t care that much about the looks of all of it, you could also replace the sugar with old coffee grounds, which would be very recycle-friendly.:)
In any case: enjoy!

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