Peanut Butter with Chili Salt


These days it seems like breakfast for dinner is creeping up on me. I blame the seasons and comfort myself with the thought that it is just me and that no one is watching. While it lasts, I am just trying to make the best of it, for example by making this peanut butter. 🙂 Having said that, I am fine with admitting that my evenings go something like, oatmeal porridge with peanut butter, these 5-minute granola bars and my fair share of boiled eggs (nothing new;)).
You might wonder why you would want to create peanut butter (including the pile of dishes that is called using your kitchen machine), instead of buying a jar for less than a euro at the supermarket.
The reason is that this is the creamiest, softest peanut butter you can imagine and easily exceeds every store bought product in both the taste and structure department.
Without homogenizing additives (or sugar) and with a generous amount of salt and chili flakes, this peanut butter tastes deliciously grown-up.Peanut Butter with Chili Salt
This makes one large jar of peanut butter.

  • 500 grams roasted and salted peanuts
  • 1 teaspoon of smoked chipotle sea salt (M&S or simply a mixture of sea salt and flaked chili)
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of walnut oil (I would advise to not use olive oil but rather a neutral oil such as walnut oil or groundnut oil. Reason is that olive oil has a very strong taste and there is the risk of the mixture turning bitter if it is mixed too long in the kitchen machine)

Start with grinding 450 grams of the nuts in the kitchen machine. Depending on the strength of your kitchen machine it might take seconds or minutes before all is turned into a thick paste.
When the peanuts have formed a semi-dry thick paste, it is time to add the coconut oil (preferrably softened, as this would speed up the process) and the walnut oil. The addition of oil seems to give the peanuts a bit of room to release their oil, and you will see that at once, all loosens up into a much thinner paste. When all is smooth and glossy, add the handful of peanuts that you have saved, to shortly blitz this in the machine, so your result will be smooth with little crunchy pieces.

Due to the soft structure and high oil content, making peanut butter is relatively easy, compared to processing other nuts such as almond butter. The amount of patience needed when making this, however, is depending power and strength of your kitchen machine. In my case this only took 8 minutes, but I have to admit that I have a very powerful Kenwood machine.

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