Body Butter Bars

With Christmas ahead of us, I feel super happy to have a couple of these little bags in my luggage, now that I am on my way to Frankfurt.
The last year or so, some of my friends have already participated in some testing rounds (thanks Maki and Katharina :)) and by now I feel comfortable enough
to declare these for real.
I can’t remember when the idea came to my mind to make a beauty product myself, but it must
have been one and a half year ago. The idea that almost everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body,
without an added filter such as a liver or digestion system, is a little sobering. Half of the products in the drug store that are meant to hydrate – or
that will magically turn you into looking like Doutzen – contain ingredients that I don’t recognize (let alone can pronounce). Having said that, not using anything only lasts so long, and I am aware that it is simply not possible to cut out all cosmetics. This being a small step, I am happy to at least have one very nice alternative to shop-skin
What I also love about this is that these bars are very small. You can easily cup it in your hands, without the last bit of it crumbling, simply because it is
almost a round shape. Altogether these bars are incredibly luxurious and leave you super moisterised and soft.
These bars might therefore not be the coolest on the block, as they are plain white without any bells or whistles (ho ho ho ;)). It is not that I haven’t tried to
make these a little bit prettier, but what I discovered is that adding lavender, coffee beans or vanilla seeds is super enticing, but in the end not very
practical, as you end up with lavender flowers on your arms while hurling into bed (or worse, onto your last clean outfit).
Body Butter Bars
Makes 15
little bars of a little under 7 grams each.
  • 70 grams of cacao butter
  • 30 grams of coconut oil
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil
  •  4 drops of lavender essential oil
  •  4 drops of sweet orange essential oil
Weigh out the cocoa butter and coconut oil carefully. I have found that this is the perfect combination, as it holds up very well without melting until you have it
in your hands, while it leaves your skin perfectly soft without feeling too greasy.
Combine all ingredients in a little pan and put it on a low direct heat. When it is molten into a liquid after a couple of minutes, carefully pour it into
your desired mold. I have found a solution to make these very easily. I have bought a silicon chocolate mold (for only € 2 in the Aldi, Germany), where the little morsels turn out to be a little under 7 grams each. The small size has the advantage that the bar won’t break halfway of usage, but you could use any silicon mold. Another option would be to use cupcake or muffing papers, just make sure to put them into a sturdier form, so the paper can’t collapse.
I have found very good organic cacao butter and coconut oil in Germany, but I have also seen these products in the Albert Heijn in Amsterdam.
Essential oils are a little more difficult to find, but a lot of health shops and organic super markets will sell these. The essential oils can be left out of this
recipe, but I do think they add a great addition to this product.

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