Yesterday evening I brought this bottle to our annual Christmas dinner and I didn’t feel particularly smug about it (I’d say I felt rather shy and was just happy to
bring something and was hoping for some reviews), until everyone started raving about it.

Hi haaaa. I got my stage and here I am enjoying the spotlight. Throwing my reservations overboard I will happily brag on about this. 🙂
Making liqueurs is pretty easy and I think it is a nice trick to have up your sleeve. A bottle of limoncello is special enough to bring to a birthday for example.
I have made this on a basis of vodka, as this forms a really good blank canvas without intervening too much with the taste of the lemons.  To take the edge of the sourness and sharpness of both the lemons and alcohol, I have added some sugar syrup to this liquor, but I have adjusted the recipe to make it a little less sweet.
I was worried about the lemon juice going bad, but as a friend pointed out yesterday, both the acidity of the lemons as well as the alcohol will keep it preserved
perfectly fine without too much extra sugar.
The liqueurr is tasting fresh and soft, without being overly sweet. Making this will take only 10 minutes and after that it just needs a bit of time stored away in your cupboard.
Makes half a liter
·     3 lemons, both the juice and the peel (the juice needs to be around 75 grams)
·     400 milliliters of good quality vodka (at least 40%, as this indicates a thorough
·     50 grams of sugar
·     1 glass bottle of at least half a liter
Boil the lemon juice and sugar together until some of the liquid has evaporated. Measuring exactly how much is left over in the pan is difficult, but you could
weigh out the result in a glass on a little kitchen scale, it will need to come down to 100 grams. Lower (or push) the lemon rinds into the bottle and pour the
hot syrup onto it. Let this cool down a little and pour the vodka on top of it. Close the bottle and store it away on a cool and dark place.
After 10 days to two weeks, the liquid will have turned beautifully yellow.
Cool thoroughly before serving and enjoy!

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