Figs with Goat Cheese

Whenever I cook for friends, I love to make a lot of little things, not only because it is easy to prepare in advance, but also because it means that we will be sharing big plates of food.
These figs, baked in the oven, are something that my friend Ingrid impressed all of us with during our holiday in Barcelona in 2011.
We were blown away, but she assured us that it was one of the easiest things to make. Turns out, she couldn’t be more right! The flavor of the fig intensifies in the oven and the salty cheese forms the perfect contrast and marriage in one. This weekend is a very special one as we will be all together in Frankfurt. I can’t think of a better occasion than to surprise them with this after a long drive from Amsterdam. I guess the circle is round. 🙂
Fig season is really big in Germany and you can buy juicy, dark blue versions everywhere for a ‘Schnäppchen‘. I have tried different ways of preparing these but have found that the figs only lose a little of their juice in the oven when simply halved. A bit of the fig juice will release inevitably, but by shortly using the grill instead of the van oven that is reduced to a minimum. Plus, considering the small quantity it turns into a small pool of tasty syrup.

Little rolls of goat cheese are sold here in Germany (President) which slice perfectly and are just big enough to cover the surface of the halved fig. I like to sprinkle the cheese with a little of rosemary (or thyme, whatever you have on hand) and sparingly with olive oil (mainly to make sure the herbs are able to roast a little).
I can very well imagine that a little honey would make a good addition. In this case the figs itself were so sweet that no extra sweetness was required.

Figs with goat cheese
  • 8-9 ripe figs, halved and the top removed
  • 150 grams of goat cheese (I used President’s chevre, but any goat cheese will do)
  • sprig of rosemary or thyme
  • sprinkling of olive oil
Halve the figs and put them on a plate or baking tray (I have used a plate, and I did take care to put it in the oven while it was still lukewarm to make sure the ceramic could handle the rising temperature). Cover the surfaces with slices of goat cheese. Sprinkle with some rosemary or thyme and lastly with a bit of olive oil. Put these under a grill for 15-20 minutes at 180-200 degrees Celsius.
The juices that will collect on the bottom are best dipped up with some very crusty olive bread I’d say.
I can imagine very well that these baked figs would also taste delicious with creamed blue cheese piped onto them after being baked. Hopefully fig season will last another while. 🙂

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