Essential Oils

Before I am talking about any household matters, I should probably disclose that I don’t really have a household at the moment. I’d rather say that I live in a tiny shoebox here in Dublin, which has all to do with the very expat-flooded market and location. With its 17 square meters it compromises a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. I am proud to say that after a few yoga classes I can effectively touch my stove with my toes while lying in bed. It really is a gift. πŸ˜‰
Β Besides cooking my household skills are not something I would write home about (I’m afraid my mother is aware of that nevertheless).
Despite my lack of interest in cleaning windows or dusting my apartment, I do own a copy of Mrs. Beeton’s Household Management book (she would probably call me ‘unfortunately untidy’).
Anton considered it extremely funny to spot the book on my shelves during a house party in Bristol (we both did our Masters at the University of Bristol). Typically during this party my couch collapsed, drinks spilled on the white carpet and I was just very apathetic about the whole issue (no idea how to solve it, better enjoy the party).

Even though I am not handling any maids (big topic for Mrs. Beeton) nor am I rising before 6am, I think the book is a wonderful read. Not only does it give such an insight in a different era, it also reminds the reader that everyday pantry items have such various uses.
Examples are vinegar to make your fridge smell clean again or to remove calcium stains, baking powder together with lemon juice to remove rough stains on ceramics, walnuts to rub away damages on wood and salt to soak up (aforementioned) wine accidents.

It has only been recently that I discovered how useful essential oils can be in everyday life, after I purchased two little bottles to make my own deodorant and body butter bars (I’ll write more about that later). Ever since I have made different really handy products with very few ingredients that have been a huge improvement to my household.

I am not the only one to have jumped this bandwagon, as both these very inspiring ladies have recently written about it: Cup of Jo and Eat, Live, Run.Β 

Musquito Spray
I have made this in spring and have really enjoyed using it over the summer.
With a liberal amount of citronella essential oil mixed with distilled (or witch hazel) water I have used this all summer long. To relief bites I added a few drops of rosemary oil to the mix.
Beforehand I considered that it might stain my (light summer) clothes, but I haven’t experienced any, which makes me think all evaporates (maybe wishful thinking, maybe because the amounts are so little).
80 milliliters of witch hazel water
30 – 40 drops of citronella essential oil (or just fill up the little spray bottle)
10 drops of rosemary essential oil

Laundry Mist
Ever since I started doing Bikram Yoga a little over half a year ago, I have been looking for a laundry mist to use on my laundry basket.
I have made a mixture of witch hazel (distilled) water and drops of essential lavender, peppermint and orange oil. Word has it that peppermint scent keeps spiders away, which is enough information for me to add a few splashes of it. Considering the smell of lavender is very strong, I have added slightly lesser of it compared to the other scents. This spray has proven not only to be lovely in my bathroom, but I have turned to use it throughout my whole house. The lavender gives it a very relaxing effect and I have used it on my pillow from time to time as well.
80 milliliters of witch hazel water
10 drops of peppermint essential oil
15 drops of lemongrass essential oil
8 drops of lavender essential oilΒ 

Face Toner
I am a big fan of Lush’ face toner (my favourite would be Tea Tree Water) and I have been looking for ways to make it myself. I ended up adding a few drops of Tea Tree Water to witch hazel (distilled) water and it has worked very well on my skin. It is different and stronger than the Lush product, but I love the way how I can easily make it without creating extra waste and packaging.

80 milliliters of witch hazel water
20 drops of tea tree essential oil
I initially bought the ingredients in a health food store called ‘Nourish’ in Dublin. After trying out a little bit, I have turned to Amazon, where good deals can be found on both hazel witch water and essential oils. I have ordered through this shop and have been happy with both prices and quality.
With regards to the packaging, I have bought a glass spray bottle of 100 milliliters at the Nourish, but found it a little expensive, with a price tag over € 2,50.
Considering that, I ordered a set of eight plastic spray bottles for a little over € 4 on Amazon. Being able to compare the quality of both products, I would say that the first one wins, hands down, as the spray pump keeps working hard and the dark glass protects the content against bright light. For future reference I’d buy my products a little more expensive, and at a place where I can weigh the quality in my hands.
In the meantime I’m curious to make my own sunscreen, washing powder as well as hand cream. To be continued. πŸ™‚

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